Hi I'm Maud!

I'm a webdesigner. But, I'm NOT a freelancer, this is just a portfolio to show of my skills.

Porcelain Skin logo

I'm Maud.

"porcelain skin" is a nickname a stranger gave me when walking into a shop. Don't get why? Scroll back to the top!

Anyways, born in 1987, married to mr.Wijn in 2013, living together in Eindhoven (Rockcity, yeah!), the Netherlands and I like to listen to Johnny Cash, the Ramones, KoRn and things like punk and rockabilly music. Oh I forgot Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga & Tori Amos.

I like all things black, red, striped, dotted and glitter. I sometimes do make up for amateur photoshoots (and myself) in my free time. I like the 1950's and dress like a doll but swear like a sai...never mind! I'm obsessed about bunnies (and have one!), typography and make-up. I like to sing in my car and scream "Slayer!" at a Tori Amos concert.

Most of all; I'm a designer.

I rock at/in

  • HTML (5)
  • CSS (3)
  • LESS
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Dutch
  • English

What I do...


What I am "designed" to do, haha. See what I did there?

Graphic design

Yours truly also makes flyers, logo's, posters, cards. Sometimes.

and a teeny tiny bit of make-up...

But only for fun!

Oh and I love tattoos. And bunnies.


A little part of it, that is...


Websites, responsive sites, intranet's, extranet's, portals...

TRC Advocaten class
Monique Collignon
V-Cirkel Academie
Tricorp Textiles
VDL Groep
VDL Groep
Podium Venray

Graphic design

Cards, invites, flyers, posters, logos...

Joek Geldrop
Joek Geldrop
Joek Geldrop


Photoshoots & party make-up

I'm currently working at Integrace. But feel free to contact me.

Mail me!